A simple opportunity can change the future

I write this article to speak about my first month in China ,I was an engineering student in computer sciences in Tunisia ,and I looked for opportunity abroad to do my internship of end of studies,I spent more than 6 months seeking for ,but, no positive answer,I wrote more than 1000 mails to apply for internship, I did a lot of Skype meeting because my resume is not bad,but when the recruiter knows that I’m in Tunisia ,he told me immediately that the company can’t accept me because I’m far…

In this period,I was supported by a very professional program called “EASY PASS INTERNATIONAL”, it helped me to do my professional network and organize my CV, in the same time ,this program recommended me many opportunities in China and India, but, I have been hesitate because my first destination was Canada. But finally, I accepted an internship of network engineer in Wuhan(China) ,this country is far for me more than 21 hours by plan, but, when I was in Wuhan ,I find a very good guidance of EASY PASS INTERNATIONAL, even at the visa before,this program send me all the official paper and followed me until the end. I’m doing now a Chinese courses in the first campus in Wuhan (Huazhong university of sciences and technology),the life here is safe and Chinese people are helpful…

In my first week,I received an opportunity in my LinkedIn network from a professor in PET LAB at Hust to do my Ph.D project ,I accepted the meeting and when we talked, I proposed to start my internship in this lab ,and they accept me immediately,so, I changed my internship and if will apply next year for scholarship in my country,I can come back to China to start my Ph.D.

Finally,I’m happy because I applied in this program, I visited more than 8 interesting place in Wuhan supported by the program of Chinese courses at Hust and I enjoyed the teamwork in our lab, so, a small opportunity can create many other opportunities…..

Asma Messaadi
Engineer Researcher
A simple opportunity can change the future

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