From Peru to London – Ricardo’s Testimony

Ricardo was born in Peru and recently completed an internship in London.  He worked as a project manager in an environmental company.  Here, he shares his experience with us.


What was your motivation for going?

At first, it was to improve my skills in English but also to find an interesting job that would allow me to develop professionally.


What were some difficulties you encountered?

Really understanding the language, which I hadn’t mastered upon arrival in England.  Also that London isn’t really one of the most welcoming cities.


What did you learn in the program about overcoming these difficulties?

The program allowed me to find an interesting job.  On concrete terms, it was the whole direct approach that was very useful for me in getting my position as project manager.


What did you learn about life in business?

More than learning, I would say that this new experience at the beginning of my professional career reaffirmed for me that when there is nothing to lose, you need to give it a try.  In my case, the fact of having applied the method of the direct approach is what opened the doors to this job, which eventually led to the creation of my own company.  My boss has now become my client.

A few days before leaving London, I suggested to my boss that I could continue helping him put in place all of the tools and processes I had created on behalf of his company.  However, I proposed this under a new status, which was that of a consultant.  After some negotiation, he accepted and I continued to work for him from a distance before creating my own company for which I am now self-employed.

What did you learn about yourself?

I discovered a new passion – I like to create new things starting from nothing or almost nothing.  To create a link between this and my experience in London, I created management processes and tools in order to optimize the workflow and make things more efficient in general.

I also confirmed my passion for management.  I’m developing this side of my skills meanwhile discovering management method alternatives (more modern ones) and new ways of tackling teamwork.


What seems to you to be the most important part of this experience?

The work that I did to improve the company for which I worked.  This experience was a real personal challenge, and I really hold onto the success of the experience.


What message would you like to share as an Ambassador?

Taking into account the social parameters of our country, France, I would say that we shouldn’t get hung up when facing a “setback” or refusal.  Unfortunately, we get discouraged so quickly when facing setbacks.  It is necessary therefore to always come back to the following question: “Why didn’t this work out?” and try to find the solution or that missing element that would help your company succeed.  You can always learn something after a setback, but you have to have the willingness and the courage to go back and try better the next time.


Ricardo SUAREZ

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