How I found my internship in Japan

Testimonial from Newfel Drahmoune for his search of an internship with EasyPass International program:


“Hello everyone,

I am writing you this message to thank you for your help.

Thanks to you I finally obtained an internship abroad. Thus, I will work for Mitsubishi Fuso in Japan.

The task seemed impossible considering my lack of experience in the country and my level of  Japanese which is only conversational. But after three months of research, I regained hope by attending your webinar assessment in December. Four months later, after a lot of personal branding on LinkedIn and several strategies, I got an interview with a manager of Mitsubishi Fuso. He was looking for a new intern in marketing to replace one who was not satisfying. I was granted an interview within a day just after he visited my LinkedIn profile. He was impressed by my CV. The interview only lasted 10 minutes, to get to know each other. One hour later, the HR officers sent me a congratulatory message and suggested me to start the visa formalities!

Today I am very happy because I will be able to start my career internationally. Before applying for EasyPass program, I was warned that finding a job in Japan wouldn’t be an easy thing to do but that I would get help to make it happen. I was also told that the most difficult thing was to get the first job which has now been done.

I hope that this message will provide hope and encourage every other young people from EasyPass to always stay strong to achieve their projects, despite all the difficulties, because noting is impossible.


Newfel Drahmoune –

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