Movement is the basis of survival

We often all tend to hesitate when we have to take a decision, we are afraid of the unknown, afraid to be put into motion. But sometimes, change can save us and free us.

Angèle has arrived

We are in 1998, in an afternoon in August. In Kinshasa, it’s a mess.

The second war of Congo already started. In a plot of land in the southern part of the city, I play, with my two sisters with plastic makeshift bottles. We are alone. The parents went to town to look for a market that would miraculously be provided with food. The older ones, brothers and sisters, also went to town to look for water.

Suddenly, a thumping noise was heard. Someone strongly knocked on the entrance gate. Panic-stricken, we don’t make a sound. Rebels? Soldiers? Bandits?

10 minutes pass and the person behind the gate insists. At only 11, I ask: « who is this? »

« It’s Angèle, open up! », says the voice.

The three of us run to open the door. It was her, a cousin, pregnant and about to deliver her baby. She literally falls in our arms, just before we close the gate.

This 23-year-old woman just walked 60 km in two weeks on foot, without knowing where she was headed, without really eating, fleeing the bullets from the war and without knowing where her husband and her 2-year-old elder daughter were.

If you keep trampling on, you are moving backwards

  • Why did I tell you this story? Often, people tell me:
  • I am afraid of the unknown, I’d rather stay here, here I control the situation
  • I want to plan everything
  • I would like to have a written plan and anticipate a plan B just in case…
  • It is not urgent, I will see tomorrow
  • I don’t think I am capable of it
  • Etc

Now I am asking you this question:

What would have happened to her if the day the fights intensified, she decided to think, to draw up an escape plan, plan everything so everything would have gone perfectly?

Should she had sit in the middle of the market were fights caught her, looking for a pen and a paper and draw up a plan because she was scared of the unknown?

Should she had go back to her house to look for her husband and daughter?

Would she still be alive if she decided to question her capacity to run while 9-month pregnant?

You don’t control anything, be « Angèle »

Taking risks is scary, moving forward is scary, change is terrifying.

You are surrounded by living organisms that are in motion, the world lives and moves forwards. You then don’t control anything!

What about the risk? I will answer this: even breathing is a risk, so risk first and you will see how to bounce back afterwards because you are capable of it.

Angèle didn’t even have time to see in what direction she was heading, she just moved.

And this movement saved her.

The best way to die, is not to be in motion.

Go out of your house, go and see what is happening and ADAPT.


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