One Day I will change the world

In October 1967, Martin Luther King gave a lecture to high school students and asked them what their blueprint for a successful life was. Obviously, being only children, they were unable to answer. Faced with the inability of the children to answer his question, Martin Luther King gave them three elements to follow. The first being to believe in one’s own dignity, never let another person say that we have nothing to offer the world. The second element is having the determination to achieve excellence in the sector in which we are going to work. Finally, Martin Luther King gave one last advice: the defense of three principles: love, beauty and justice.

Commitment is the master of the game

Many of us live their lives without knowing how to approach the future or without actually preparing it. It is important for all of us to have and maintain daily, weekly or even annual goals, what you must do is achieve them.

Do not let time decide for you, it is our enemy. If we want to have the future we have chosen, a person must ask himself what he wants and do everything to have it. Self-confidence and determination are key to your success.

Time: a major player of our future

Once you believe in your talents and in your power to change something in this world, a long process begins. There is a story, taking different forms according to the person who tells it but which explains that a man met Pablo Picasso in a café and asked him to draw his portrait on a paper towel. Picasso did not refuse, but once finished, he demanded a considerable sum of money from the gentleman. The gentleman, shocked, asked Picasso how he could ask him for so much money when he had only taken a few seconds to make the drawing. Picasso replied that it had taken him 40 years to get to this point.


Building the future you choose

Martin Luther King’s life shows us that by going beyond ourselves a man can change the world. Our lives are full of desires, goals, or dreams, but many of us let them down by the look of others and do not pursue their aspirations. We all have something to offer the world. The future belongs to you.

-Pablo Faucon Diaz

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