What the EasyPass International Program taught me about finding me job in Detroit

Emmanuel found his job in the USA while following the EasyPass International Program. He wanted to share what he learned while doing the program with students who are looking for an internship or job abroad.



What was your motivation for going?

  • To join my partner living in the United States
  • To search for an interesting job as part of my new career in the waste management sector following the career path change I made about two years ago
  • To become truly bilingual in English


What were some difficulties you encountered?

  • Choosing the type of U.S. visa for which I could be eligible and have a realistic possibility of obtaining
  • Understanding the professional waste management sector in the United States, including the technical, institutional and financial aspects
  • Being fooled by the idea that traditional recruitment processes with responses and job offers can actually work
  • Understanding the recruitment style of American employers
  • Making my contribution to these companies seem interesting to them
  • Truly expressing orally what I really wanted in English
  • Staying motivated
  • Balancing my professional projects with having personal, emotional and financial stability


What did you learn in the program about overcoming these difficulties?

Following this three-step methodology works: 1. Motivation, 2. Motivation, 3. Motivation.

But on a more serious note, these three steps:

  • Deconstruct your prejudices about the best way to get a job and listen to advice
  • Build a convincing professional profile using your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Really try to be professionally attractive to the CEO.  “HRDs have the power to say no, but only CEOs have the power to say yes.”  This advice is indispensable.  Contact CEOs directly.  Indispensable.

The “Yes Question” is equally indispensable.  I sometimes spend days formulating a single question.

What did you learn about life in business?

Job search experience: It is possible, if one is psychologically well-prepared.  But I don’t see myself doing this over and over again as it requires a lot of energy and internal resources.  A bit of professional stability for a few years wouldn’t hurt.
Experience within an American company: I started a little less than three months ago, so I haven’t had a huge setback.  Let’s say that there is very little direct management.  It’s a pretty individualized workplace where collective experience is sometimes very little.

What did you learn about yourself?

If you want, then you can, but I already knew that.  It’s just that the “want” should not be a dream in your head, but a series of planned and methodical actions.  That’s how you get there.
We must give ourselves dates and timetables for achieving something.  I exceeded these dates this time, but I could not have done better.  The time it takes to learn a method can be just as long as the research itself.

What seem to you to be the most important part of this experience?

Having been able to prove to my partner, to myself, and to relatives that this idea wasn’t far-fetched, but achievable.

To have done what millions of immigrants live through in their fight for a job, including the papers, and having lived through this experience which allows me to make a strong argument in favor of people understanding the reality of this type of situation and furthermore providing immigrants with the indispensable support they need.  The level of motivation necessary to make your own way as an immigrant is far greater than that which a native has to face.  And so, we have to support these people, and give less support to those who have not demonstrated their motivation and determination.

What message would you like to share as an Ambassador?

Regardless of the career, the important thing is to know how to sell.
Determination is the key to success.
Mentally place yourself in your dream situation and don’t stop working for it until you get there.


Emmanuel Rafin

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