What the EasyPass International Program Taught Me About Finding My Internship in London

Antoine found his internship in London using the EasyPass International Program.  He tells us what he learned while doing the program. Antoine is currently student in France in the University of Technology in Compiègne (UTC).

What motivated you to go to London?

I wanted to go abroad to an English-speaking country where I could practice using the language and possibly begin a career abroad.  I was really taken by London, and above all, I wanted to do my internship in this city.

What were some of the difficulties you encountered in your search?

The major difficulty was finding an internship that lasted six months.  In fact, the English system only offers one-year internships.  It was thus necessary for me to find a company that would deviate from its usual policies.

The second big difficulty was finding an internship even while being in contact with in an influencer within the company.  In fact, and in most large companies, the manager isn’t the one opening up the internship.  It’s the company that opens the internship, posts it on their website, and I can only hope that the manager will support me.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, this method doesn’t work because the company doesn’t have internships open in fields that interest me, or because the manager isn’t able to support me.

What did you learn in the program to overcome these difficulties?

The EasyPass International program allowed me to develop a new state of mind of not giving up and letting go of fear, which is just an obstacle we put in our own way and prevents us from believing that our dreams are achievable.

What did you learn about life in business?

I learned that you have to put yourself first and grow your network in order to get your dream job.  It’s all about how to approach influential people. If we give ourselves the means and fully invest ourselves, then it is largely possibly to get the internship or job we desire, even if it seems difficult to attain.

What did you learn about yourself?

I learned to think differently, to not listen to others who try to convince us to stop doing our research just because it seems too difficult.  I learned to trust myself and to keep hoping.

What do you think is the most important part of your research experience?

The most important, for me, is the new state of mind I have now.  I feel like I can dare to look for a job that I really want – even if it requires investment and seems impossible – rather than do something that doesn’t suit me.

Antoine Nicolas

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